Secret colors trick problem



I was trying to do the secret color trick but it wont work. Every time I try to make HSB colors it just makes GREY. Not even diferent grays, just the same exact gray. Its really annoying actually The only way I CAN use HSB colors is on the HSB color picker. I dont know if others have the same problem, or if its a glitch, but can you PLEASE fix this?


Do you have a link? Maybe I can help :wink:


no sorry. But its nice for you to ask


Welcome to the forum! Grey means an invalid hsb color.
Did you do select all paste
No spaces in between the commas!


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If you want to copy a project link tap the little paperclip


I looked at this list of HSB colors and I tried to make as exact as possible. I double checked to see if I forgot any commas or numbers but i didnt.


When you copy and paste does it look like HSB(48, 42, 0)


No. I just realized that i dont put those little curvy things (what ever there called)


Oh so you forgot to put a parentheses XD

Problem solved


Thanks! I just tried it and it worked!


That happens when you don't code it right. :smiley: does it look like this: HSB(124,944,103) but with different numbers, if not paste again or restart your ipad:blush: I hope that helped:)(woops you already got help, sorry!)


You have to click select all then paste


It only works for numbers up to 100...


Ya, just a demonstration:blush: I just kinda typed randomly