Secret colors on drawing pads


I need help. Does ANYONE here know how to get secret colors on drawing pads? I've been trying but I just can't crack it. Anyone?


Use a Change Trail Color block. It takes more time, but it is easier.

Make each color dot thing Set Value (your color value). It has to be greater than zero.

On your drawing tool, do When Color=_____, Change Trail Color to ______. You can use custom colors at this part. Then you do that for each color.

It's tedious, but this is the way I know how to do it. Sorry I don't have screenshots at the moment :confused:

EDIT: and have When iPad is pressed, Leave A Trail color white Set Postion last touch x and y. When iPad is tapped, Set Postion last touch x and y

HSB Colours of Characters in Hopscotch

Oh. Thanks @CreativeCoder I've been trying forever. This helps A LOT!


Thanks so much, that just made everything so much easier!!