Secret account ... Shhh



So as some of you might know I have left hopscotch

But I have a secret anonymas account

Try to guess what it is, I will follow you on hopscotch if you are right

If you ask questions I will give you answers and clues but I won't be giving it out, you will have to guess it your self

GOOD LUCK !! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:




If you have a secret forum account, know KC2016 can figure it out because of your ip!


Not forum, the app


Soz, but no, I'm a fan, not a super fan !!!



Well your good then! Can't wait to see!


Sorry, I said that these should not be allowed and people agreed, sorry these can be flagged as spam!


Sorry I didn't see that


Oh it's fine!

Your new you didn't know!

There just kind of junky and fill up the fourm.

You can make an account and tell someone in a topic that you have the chance to but the guessing topics are a bit spammy.


Oh, it didn't mean to be spammy, just a bit of fun for people


Answer these questions.
Does PupCow2016 follow you?
Do you have 3 1s in your name?
You like puppies, right?
If all of those questions are yes, Your PuppyLover111


@Doglover18 ? @Doglover1024 ?


No sorry


No sorry


First clue my initials are AA


eh. Worth trying!


I really want to make a secret account too..but prob wont


It's quite cool cause no one knows ho you are


AA? I have a feeling I know this one...... is one of the words animals?