Seasoned apricot needs help


I can't log into seasoned apricots on my iPad ;-;


It says I can't log in from this ■■■■■■■■■■


Is this IP blocked or something?

@Liza hellp (iz pt)


First reply!

I'm not sure why this is happening.
I think the IP may be blocked, too.


Somebody has also reported it yesterday. It worked after a while. Try to email THT!


I can use my account on my phone though ;-;


Idk, in the meanwhile, work on a collab if u can or mKe another account and try,
Also check your internet router to see if it's blocking any ports
And one more thing, if u have anymore walls (Norton, f-secure,circle) then try turning then off or unrestristing some ports :wink:


Yes. If you have a school iPad, it might be protected by something.


I brb


I'm not using a school iPad

This happened both times on my personal
iPod touch and personal iPad


Email THT, it seems like a bug.


Idk but I know that I'm using email to reply to this


omg can you do that? :0


@seasoned.apricots is sweg


I'll look at blocked ips, one sec.


Huh, none of your ips are blocked. Weird - are you sure no other account logged on on your ipad other than poptart and apricots?


Yeah that's all that I'm using. I have to disconnect from the wifi at my other house to log in then reconnect.


It's working now, right? XD