Searching Before you Post + Other Ways to Say It



Recently, with the wave of new topics every now and then, there are a few repeats. Here is why we have the search bar in the top right corner:


  • It saves you time from writing a question, and saves other people time to answer your question
    • It's not very hard to tap on that little magnifying glass icon :mag: in the top right corner!
  • It reduces the amount of topics and posts people have to scroll through to find their desired topic.
  • People won't get mad at you!

Here's how to search:

In the top right corner, there's a little magnifying glass icon :mag:.

I suggest that when you type in words, you only type in the key words to keep the search broad!

You might also notice when you type in a question, this pops up:

On the side is what the computer thinks is similar to your topic! You can click on any of them to check them out and see if they answer your questions!

Some people have been upset by the "Search Before You Post" thing. Here are some nicer ways to say it:


  • I think that this has been talked about before, what about you?
  • Maybe this has been posted before, do you think so?
  • Here's another great topic that tells about it (link)
  • Did you check if there was another topic discussing this? If not, here's how (or here's another great topic!)
  • I think a saw a topic very similar to this, what do you think?
  • This is an awesome topic! Here's another similar topic: (link inserted here) Credit to @LavenderLovinNerd

Stay nice and friendly, and try not to get upset! These are just little reminders.

Learn, Try, Repeat
Hey. PurpleWave here (or VCM)
Talking about "SBYP"

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Thanks for making this topic @Kiwicute2016 some people say it sorta meanly like search before you post! Sometimes I don't know there's another topic for it. I made one for ideas of what to code and someone "search before you post:rage:"


Great topic! this needed to be said. :smiley:


did you mean: "search before you post :rage:"


Wow great topic! This might come in handy bookmarks it


@crazygoat that new profile pic is insane


THX! It's a bit creepy!


Search before you post! Seriously!
There are a few topics that are like this, check them out :wink:



This is a really good topic, thanks for posting this!

If you want to stick to the "search before you post", you can add a little :wink: at the end of it


Sometimes I look at the suggester and I am like
Ahhhhrrrrrggggghhhhhh!! That is NOT AT ALL like my topic! lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yea, I got to agree with this. This is going to be really helpful for peeps that are new to the forum.


Search before you post is offensive and mean to some users. We should just use @Kiwicute2016 's examples of other things to say, like:
This is an awesome topic! Here's another similar topic: (link inserted here)


I don't think it's offensive. I think it's helpful.


I think that saying things like what do you think and stuff like that makes the person you're talking to feel as if they're dumb.


It's asking for the other person's opinion as to not make them feel offended.


Revive! This is Avery useful topic


Bumping this up! Please make sure to search before you make a topic everyone, or else it becomes confusing to have two of the same discussions. :+1: It might seem kind of silly to โ€œreviveโ€ a reeaaallyy old topic instead, but it just helps keep the forum organized when you donโ€™t make duplicate topics.