Search Problem(I know SBYP but really this is an actual problem...)


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: OfficialHopscotchRemixer

What kind of device are you using?: iPad Air 2

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):I was searching up my username, and then it didn’t show up in the searches…

Steps to make the problem happen:
1.Type in "OfficialHopscotchRemixer"
2.Press Search

**I expected this to happen:**My Username would show up

**But instead this happened:**It didn’t show up

Here’s a sweet screenshot:!


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Just press your home button to go to your own account


But I guess that IS pretty strange…


I know but if someone was trying to find my account then it would be a problem. I know is hapoens with a lot of other users too.


Oh well I was just about to search you up so I could follow you, so lemme check


Huh, strange. Well, just like one of my projects so I can click on your name


Check out my GT I posted s project of mine recently…just go to my top topics in my profile and click on the top topic and scroll all the way down…



Well I hope it gets fixed


It happened a lot to me. It would single out my name. It would even still have my hate accounts.


Yep u has a problem

This is off my account


Yeah…it’s weird…maybe it’s just the length of my username…


sry for late reply I am still trying to make up to DT that I found Afear and he can have her back. Don’t ask


Search in Hopscotchers instead.


I did

Just for space have a quote from me today
Quote from Kayro
"Oh gosh he is right there, just hide, he doesn’t see me just stay here, oh gosh no no no! And I’m ded. I will get u Skywalker!" -Kayro in Battlefront (I got him back 2 times, sad day for the rebels)




That happens to me to. ( my username is FluffyMice! Btw: it has the ! On the end)


This is weird. It works with my account, but as there has been several bugs with the search system, it could be a weird bug and we should report it to THT. Maybe you could send an e-mail to them?


It’s not a keyboard problem, but a problem with the search. It is a known issue- has been reported a couple times before and I think THT is aware of it. One of my accounts is affected by it :/


This is very strange – and a bug that has been annoying me for a while. I look for a user, and they are supposedly not there!


That’s like me, I cant find myself, an this has been since like Jan. XP