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Want to find a reply quicker? Don't want to waste time? Narrow that search down so that way you can get back to looking like you're working on homework when you aren't? (Why does this sound so much like one of those cheesy ads?)

Here's how!

After clicking the magnifying glass , click on the right side to get a list of comands you can do.

Here is the list if you don't want to do it right now.

There is more at the bottom, but it doesn't do much.

To summarize some important ones, you can do:

in: to find ones in Watching (getting every notification) or Muted (never getting them) or other

order: to organize your search results

status: to separate closed topics from open ones (ones without :lock:)

posts_count: to find ones with exactly 34 posts or other amounts...

So that's it! Use these filters to find that reply you want to quote, or like, or find the person that wrote it so you can spam like them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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[size=4]Also, don't forget to make contact with that like button with your hand or other limbs![/size]


Soooo, Awesome!


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