Search is not available right now


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How do your think it is for me? I have Triskaidekaphobia, an intense fear of the number 13 because of it's unluckyness.

Anyway, thanks for letting us know :D

I was trying to search up certain Hopscothers and the search wasn't working no matter how specific I was.

Do you think it's still going to be by the end of week this will be fixed?


I think so. We started working on a fix today but I can't make any promises. It's a long process (partly because there's so many projects and users to search!)


Is the search bar still down? Without it I can't do the Hopscotch videos...


Really?? I didn't think that having the search bar not there affected the hopscotch videos...

Edit : I just realised you weren't talking about the hopscotch tutorial videos, sorry! :joy:
You could always use links??


I can help you find stuff! What are you looking for?


Project:, Taco Cat! by @minioncandy (Going to be the intro/background for scoreboard as we compete)
Game 1:, Battle of the Ages by @Razor
Game 2:, Marshmallow Dodge by @KarmicSans2
Game 3: Fruit Rain by @BaconStudios
Game 4:, Color match by @TheGreenBanana
Game 5: Football quiz by @PumpkinGirl
Game 6: The Space Game by @weathercats

Can you like them on your account so I can play them? I already have the information about them I just need to record myself playing them. Thanks!


You're so helpful! :smiley:




Just to let you know, you can open a project in hopscotch by using a link..


How? :smile:


I'll take a few photos and show you, two seconds :sweat_smile:


1) Find a link and press on it.. This should come up :

2) Select the "Open in Hopscotch"

3) Have fun playing the game!! :sweat_smile:


Put the links into Safari on your iPad then it should open in HS


I don't have safari, I have this other web browser so that my parents can keep track of where I am on the Internet.


It also works. Just tap on the link and it should open in HS


Click open in new tab and then select on the bottom of he project "Open in Hopscotch". Just tag me I feel you need more help! :sweat_smile:


It still doesn't work.


Dose not work for me either.


@aabb1111 and @Mothwolf, THT are still fixing it! :sweat_smile:


Search should be back now!