Search is not available right now

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How do your think it is for me? I have Triskaidekaphobia, an intense fear of the number 13 because of it's unluckyness.

Anyway, thanks for letting us know :D

I was trying to search up certain Hopscothers and the search wasn't working no matter how specific I was.

Do you think it's still going to be by the end of week this will be fixed?

I think so. We started working on a fix today but I can't make any promises. It's a long process (partly because there's so many projects and users to search!)


Is the search bar still down? Without it I can't do the Hopscotch videos...


Really?? I didn't think that having the search bar not there affected the hopscotch videos...

Edit : I just realised you weren't talking about the hopscotch tutorial videos, sorry! :joy:
You could always use links??

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I can help you find stuff! What are you looking for?


Project:, Taco Cat! by @minioncandy (Going to be the intro/background for scoreboard as we compete)
Game 1:, Battle of the Ages by @Razor
Game 2:, Marshmallow Dodge by @KarmicSans2
Game 3: Fruit Rain by @BaconStudios
Game 4:, Color match by @TheGreenBanana
Game 5: Football quiz by @PumpkinGirl
Game 6: The Space Game by @weathercats

Can you like them on your account so I can play them? I already have the information about them I just need to record myself playing them. Thanks!


You're so helpful! :smiley:


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Just to let you know, you can open a project in hopscotch by using a link..

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How? :smile:


I'll take a few photos and show you, two seconds :sweat_smile:

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1) Find a link and press on it… This should come up :

2) Select the “Open in Hopscotch”

3) Have fun playing the game!! :sweat_smile:

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Put the links into Safari on your iPad then it should open in HS

I don’t have safari, I have this other web browser so that my parents can keep track of where I am on the Internet.

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It also works. Just tap on the link and it should open in HS

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Click open in new tab and then select on the bottom of he project "Open in Hopscotch". Just tag me I feel you need more help! :sweat_smile:

It still doesn't work.

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Dose not work for me either.

@aabb1111 and @Mothwolf, THT are still fixing it! :sweat_smile:


Search should be back now!