Search is not available right now


Friends, we are having issues with search. To help fix things for the moment we are going to temporarily disable search but it should be back up soon!

The search bar in Hopscotch App is not working for me; is it working for anyone else?
Search bar not working
Huge beta: self, 4K clones, and more!
THT Please Look!

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Whats the problem in the servers


Hey @Montoya


Mice, maybe? Honestly I don't know, and the devs are too busy fixing it for me to bother them :slight_smile:


It's Friday! The 13th! AAAAAAH


My best friend was born on friday the 13 and there was no moon that night
It explains alot about him


What's the problem?



Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:


Hmmm... I have a great day...


You are nicer than the rest of the team to be honest. I mean you actually reply to people when they're not being realated!


That's just because I'm the least hard-working person here. They're all busy making Hopscotch better! :slight_smile:


Aww I'm sure you help a lot as well, sorry if I was being mean!


My hopscotch on my school iPad isnt loading anything.
Wifi seems fine.


It's Friday the 13th


It's okay! Thanks for letting us know. Hope they are fixed and up and running again soon :)


I bet you help a lot too, @Montoya!!!!


Suspicious.... :sweat_smile:
Also I'm wondering, will hopscotch be completely down sometime over the next few days if you can't get it fixed and need time to look at the app?


Well, for now only search is down. Everything else is working fine!


That's good to hear :laughing:, are you anywhere closer to fixing the problem??