Search Glitch? <A



So Today, I Searched Up "Song" On The Search Menu On Hopscotch.
Here Was The First Thing That Popped Up:

But I Found A Project That Exacly Matched My Seach:

That Should Be What Popped Up First! @asha Please Fix This!


Hmmm well the search doesn't work with emojis so TECHNICALLY that result that popped up first fit your search exactly. This isn't really a glitch




No problem! At first glance that would seem like a glitch :wink:


Actually, there is a glitch with the forum search button too. It slows the forum or completely stops you from doing anything on the forum. When you try to delete the site, it doesn't do anything. The only way to exit the Internet is press the home button on the iPad.


I don't think that's a glitch. It takes a project that has the most hits that has a similar title. I guess it thinks the one with the most hits is better, and probably will result to something that you would like. So yes, you might have to look a little but!


This is because for some reason, as you search, the forum scrolls up, which then results in the forum loading the replies above, which results in a loading overload. :\


I will see if the glitch stops.


did it?


I think it goes on popularity and exactness.


I think...
I don't know...............




They do it by projects with the most likes @Pokemon101.