Search button isn't working. PROBLEM FIXED


I was going to search for a topic. But today, the search button isn't working. No results came up when I was typing. When I hit "Search", no results came up either. What is happening?


It's not happening to me... Is anyone else experiencing this?


"Sorry for the inconvenience. Would you like a free doughnut? :doughnut:"
- Dunkin' Donuts worker

Anyway, duh, I'm obviously experiencing it!


MYD, quote.


Sorry, how do I quote, I forget, XD


See the speech bubble that comes—

Might as well just search how to quote, but anyway, just going to say it.

Let's go to our coding partner topic and make a regular project to celebrate the fact that you're a Regular!


Aw thanks, to our topic, super hero music playing loudly


Can't find the topic, can I create a new one? Or you can give me the title of it…


Never mind, we dont have a topic, r we going to the Collab?


No, making a topic and putting it in the lounge so less people spy on our surprise projects.