Search Before You Post, When is it an issue?


Hello there. It's Anonymous, better known as Follo-
Oh wait, there's already a topic about this...

What is SBYP?

SBYP is the forum acronym: "Search before you post." It means, you created this topic, but there was already another topic just like this.

Is it really necessary?

I do believe that it isn't necessary at times. For example, let's say someone created a topic: "____ Should be leader", and recently, @OrangeScent1 has already created a topic like this.

Isn't it alright if there are two topics about it? It could draw more attention to people, and isnt offensive.

But in instances like "Forum Parties",

I believe we shouldn't have a "doppelgänger".

So the moral? Don't just say "Search before You Post" to every single topic it know has been created. Newbies don't know that, and may have forgotten. Isn't the forum supposed to be a place to feel good about?
It can be really mean sometimes.
Understand when to say it.


That's why we decided to not say SBYP. We now say nicer things. But still, it kinda clogs up the forum, if there's more than one topic about the same thing


In my opinion, tips and tricks to keep the forum better (like this), don't deserve search before you post!


@OrangeScent1 I saw the deleted post. Thanks. A lot.


Sorry (that was sincere apology), I can't really tell if you're being sarcastic or not but I was being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it's easy to determine.

It's okay.


If there are a lot of topics, "search before you post" is reasonable. If there is one topic about it, it's probably okay to have another one. Just not 50 on manners :wink:




When I was new people said SBYP like 5 times in one topic and I didn't know what it meant. I never got help in those topics, and I could never find one that answered my question. Now I know what it means, and I have not gotten it again.


I agree, it is really horrible see just lots of comments all saying SBYP, it can really make people sad... (^-^)