Search Bar Down

Use this template to make awesome Your username:
Periwinkle :dolphin: Dolphin
What kind of device are you using?:
iPad Pro
1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):
I was searching up projects, and then nothing happened
Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Open the search bar
2. Type in something

I expected this to happen:
To have projects pop up
But instead this happened:
Said no results on a popular search
Here’s a sweet screenshot:
It won't let me


THT make a topic a while back saying that the search has been disabled due to server issues.


How will we find certain stuff????


Sorry, you will be unable to until the search bar is back up. :frowning:

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You could keep scrolling down on someone's profile, but unfortunately, that's the only way to find a certain project. The search bar will be repaired soon, though! :)

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Or if the person is on the forum they can link a project to their profile for you...

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I know it's so annoying how dare they do that they need to fix it