Sea Creatures Drawing Request!



Hi! I am so excited to tell you that my artwork that I made and worked really hard on in school got in my county's book that they do every year. This was a big deal for me. It's in an actual published book.Take a look at my artwork.

Yep! That's my artwork! So since I did a sea creature, I got the idea to do request on it! You can name any sea creature and I will try to draw it! I will be drawing on hopscotch. I am so excited to do this!



A fact is I actually live by the beach!


@Kiwicute2016, referring to your deleted post,



You're so lucky. I moved away from a coastal state! I really wish I lived in a state with a beach again! :yum:


I live near the Beach too I'm like two minutes walk away


How about…
A sea snake!

A cool sea snake story

This is a true story.
Well, in Summer of 2015, we were visiting our relatives at their beach house.
We went down to the shore.
My best friend and i (the girl) went in the ocean to use our boogie board. We saw ripples in the water near us, not caused by waves, but I thought it was an animal, like a dolphin.
A few minutes later, a sea snake was spotted and everyone was called out of the water.
The sea snake was what caused the ripples, and it was only about 5 feet away from us!
And this is why I chose a sea snake.


Wow that must of been frightening but so cool!


That's cool! I live about 15 minutes away from it!


Actually, we didn't know it was the sea snake until our dad said someone said it was and I told him that story! So it wasn't, but we would have freaked out if I didn't think it was a dolphin or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


That must of stunk! Living by the coast is a privilege. It is fun to go to the beach!