SDow Storis, it's scientific



Ok so I did try to do this when I was newer to the forum but I have one question for you guys, what time is it (like time zone or even current time)???

Now how this relates to HS cause I know so many people are going to yell at me for being ‘off topic’

i was thinking of coding some clocks but labeling them something like it’s Kayro o’clock and having the clock be like central time. I figured it would be a good way to get back into coding, and no I won’t just be using the little clock emojis. I would maybe even try to add the song ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay



are you asking for timezones

also first


11:19 in est


Yeah. I am.
[im also hoping no one will be like ‘DATS PERSONAL INFORMATION’ because at least a million people live in a portion of a time zone]


me too dood :0000

(11:20 est)


For me, it´s 17:47 right now, or 5:47 PM in US time format. I am the CEST time zone, or GMT +1. Cool project idea by the way!


CST time (aka 11:00 while in NYC it’s 12:00)




It is 12:21 pm here(eastern time)


3:25 here, Pacific Standard Time in the US of A :slight_smile:


It’s 7:53