Scuba Mission help!


Whenever I press play the white block grows really big even though it's only suppose to grow by 100 percent! My username is RobotPro. If anyone has time can they please check it out and help me fix it?


May I see your code? I think I know what's wrong with it


what "white thing" are you talking about? the white dot?


@RobotPro, what you're doing is saying:
When play=1
Grow By 100
That means as long as play equals 1, it will grow.
What you need to do is after it grows, then put "Set Value (Play) to 0", or just put "Wait 99999999 milliseconds" after grow by 100 percent.


I placed a white block to be the backround for the instructions :l


The easiest thing would be to set size to 200% if you want a background, just set size again to xxx%


That's what I would do also, @PopTart0219, you said it before I could edit.:joy::wink:


ok, I think it's because if when play equals 1, grow by 100 percent. But, if you use grow by in an "when _ equals _" block it will keep on growing. I suggest using "set size"


I tried the value thing. Now it doesn't grow :l


Thanks @Ihasfluffycupcakes and @Gilbert189.
I figured it out now!


If you set size to 100%, it will be the same size as before, so you have to set it to 200%


Just use set size to 200 percent!:wink: