Scrolling Tutorial



I did a poll and most of you said you want to learn how to scroll.:blush:

On your SCROLL text, these next screenshots apply.

How do you make scrollable projects?

I want to make sure I did this tutorial well. This will not be on any of my future tutorials.

  • This tutorial helped a lot.
  • This tutorial kind of helped
  • This tutorial did not help
  • I want to see future tutorials. (Comment down below)


You may choose up to 2 options.


I know how to do this, but well done.


This is a really great and clear tutorial @Glitter_Kitty! I really like your short and concise annotations. Do you mind if I ask what app/tool did you use for the text and arrows?


This is great, and I am also curious about the annotations.


@t1_hopscotch Actually, I just used Skitch! It had a ton of options!
Skitch - Snap. Mark up. Send. By Evernote


Oh okay thanks for sharing @Glitter_Kitty! I have Skitch too, whoops I didn't recognise those arrows and texts since they didn't have borders.

I really like how you made the colours the same as the blocks in a couple of your pictures to make it clearer which text is describing which block — like the yellow for describing values. Great tutorial again :smiley:


Thanks @Glitter_Kittyi find this very useful to people who don't know how to scroll and have that nasty crashing bug and great use of antotions


When I use that link this comes up:

Do you know why?


The link works fine for me.
The only reason I can see is that somehow the App Store is blocked on your iPad. Or, maybe your Safari browser somehow has it blocked,


I'm on my iPad and I don't have any safari restrictions


Are you on a school iPad? Are you able to get on the App Store?


This is my iPad and much dad restricted the App Store but nothing Elise


That's why. It is a link to go to the App Store. That is why you can't follow the link.


@Gabe_N it might just to do with something in your restrictions but we're not sure. Alternatively you could just search up "Skitch" in the App Store, which is the app that @Glitter_Kitty used to make those really clear helpful annotations in this scrolling tutorial :smile: And thank you @CreativeCoder for your concern.


Really? I don't recognize those text and arrows.


Thanks for this! I honestly haven't figured out how to scroll yet. Thank you for teaching me! It helps me, so I'm going revive so hopefully it will help other Hopscotchers!