Scrolling Through _'s Values?



Hopscotch should add a feature where when you press either > or < in the Values menu, it scrolls through the objects' values. This would be useful when you have a lot of objects and want to change or add things to their values and you don't want to rapidly tap. It would also be useful if you plan on organizing a huge object mess.
You just hold on either > or < for a few seconds, and it should start scrolling in that direction. It would be like the scrolling of regular width changers in drawing pads, but a bit slower.
Is this a good idea?

  • Yes
  • Meh
  • No



I wish it was scrolling.




Yeah, I hate the pressing ones, you just can't get the one you want.






FluffyMice, you're accepted in the art club. Level 7 or 8.


Yeah and...