Scrollable Website Requests? [CLOSED]



Hi guys!

Why I Made This Topic:

Me: I am so bored on hopscotch. :expressionless:

Me: I hope I'm not going through that phase where I want to code, but just can't again. :grin:

Me: . . . :thinking:

Me: :hushed::point_up: I know!

Me: I've always enjoyed making websites!

Me: I'll do that!!! :smile:

I know, I'm also making a scrollable website for the winner of a coding contest where I'm a judge, but that website will be super complex, and these requests will just be for fun.

So anyways, if you want a scrollable website (and if you do want one, please actually use it!), you can request one from me!


Username on HS:
Website Title (Not too long!):
# of Paragraphs (No more than ten):
Anything Else?

Thank you! If you want an HSB color, please make it specific (like jade green, cotton candy pink, etc.) or give the exact HSB!

It might take long for me to get it done depending on your request or if you are not one of the first to request (if that many people request XD)

Thank you and have a nice day!



Username on HS: Bluedogmc
Website Title (Not too long!): Bluedogmc's hangout!
Theme: maybe party themed if possible
Colors: bright neons
Tabs: 4 tabs
of Paragraphs (No more than ten): idk, maybe 1 in each tab? Is that what you mean?
Anything Else? This will be awesome, thanks!


Hmmm... thinks of example...

So this website (which is not mine) has three paragraphs in it.

That is what I mean by # of paragraphs. :)


Ok, then 3 should be good! Thanks!



What do you want the theme to be?

If there is no theme, do you want any certain emojis in it?






Hmmmmm, some thing like, nature? XD




Your website is almost done!

It should be done this evening!


Thank you soooooo much!


Thanks! I hope you can finish it today!


Do you need it finished by today? Because I have to finish one tonight and then I still have two more to do...


Can it be done by tomorrow?


I'll try...


Ok, thanks anyways! @ me when it's done!



I'm actually kind of glad you said four paragraphs, because I've had this design in my head that was simple, yet really cool but it needed to have an even number of paragraphs to do it. XD


Lololol XD


Okay @bluedogmc-official! I finished the website!

Bluedogmc's Hangout!

Sorry it took a few days. :grin: If you would like anything changed, please tell me! :D

@KawaiiRose, I'll do your website tonight because it won't take long. Can I make it in landscape, or do you want portrait mode?