Scroll Draw Pad



I was testing out clones, and tried to integrate it with swiping. I later thought of the idea of putting scroll code into a Draw Pad rather than a slider. I came up with this in the last few hours:

How to use:
Scroll the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness to make colors
Some stuff is self-explanatory, like clear and width
Click the dark circles to save
Hold the circle to erase a save
The arrow indicates the current color
10 is best, 1 is worst. Be sure to vote on both.

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Votes are public.

Credit to @Valgo although I did it without images and he did

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@Milkypup lol
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Cool! I like the idea of scrolling. Especially on an art pad!


Oh this is an awesome feature!! I always love seeing what you experiment with @Periwinkle_Dolphin :smile::smile: I'm just a bit confused with how much scrolling affects the values but I am going to look, and also I am going to see your code!
Edit: oh wait, I understand now – it scrolls through the bar! That is awesome!
I think I was just a bit confused by the arrow that is all hehe. I have an idea for putting a triangle like this :small_red_triangle: underneath the same point or something as an indication but it's very minor!


I tried to make it simple by just implementing simple scroll code.


Could be a bit less laggy, but otherwise its great!!!


It's kinda laggy..
But that's what you get, right?
Ask ThinBuffalo to lessen the lag and you'll be on your way!


If it lags, then u have an older device since it only has <400 objects and many Pixel pads with larger numbers don't
180 + 100 + 100 + 10 = 390


this is pretty neat!