Scribblenauts game in hopscotch!



Ok I know it is impossible to make the full Scribblenauts game and also the objects that get typed out but what I think we should do is make a lot of choices of objects to use in mabye 3 or more puzzles but I would need help that's why I want very good coders like @MagmaPOP,@poptart0219,@OrangeScent1,@t1_hopscotch,
@valgo and other people.
So if you guys do help I got positions for all of you
@MagmaPOP you can make a lot of the coding for the game
@OrangeScent1 you and me can make the characters and objects
@t1_hopscotch i don't know yet
@Valgo You can design everything
@PopTart0219 you can Do the variables
And I would help orange scent make the characters because that is basically the only thing I can do in this project besides being the director. Also if you guys don't like your spot and you think of better thing for you just tell me.


I've been on featured and coded more complex games on Scratch and Tynker.
I can help if you want.
I have experience with clones as well as I was the only one here that figured out how to destroy individual clones and not have the others affected on Hopscotch.
I have ideas for different objects and how to easily access/use them.


@Stradyvarious but can you answer these questions because I just want to see if you can join
Question 1: do you know about scribblenauts
Question 2: what is your hopscotch name because I want to see the projects you made


Can I join BroDrago (can I call you that)


My name is stradyvarious
I've only seen video of Scribblenauts
If you want to know my skills just ask @Phase_Studios @Rawrbear @justanerd
If you still don't want my help that's fine.
I've made mini RTS games as well but deleted them as i was too busy to finish it and didn't want a half completed game published
One thing i'll tell you no one else will.
Using TOUCHES code causes more lag the more you code with it.
It's better to use check x-y position <,>,=


Sorry, though what is THAt??????


Ok @Stradyvarious and @Fun_in_the_Sun looking at all your projects would take to long so to see if you can join put your best hopscotch project on here


I'm on PC away from home at the moment.
THE NIGHT WATCHMAN is my favourite while TAP WARRIOR was on Featured


Ok I will check right now


This got 253 plays
I messed up and this happened, and they loved it


I think this is it


@Stradyvarious I will think about it

@Fun_in_the_Sun I'm sorry but you didn't make it in


I have got to go bye


I'm sorry @Fun_in_the_Sun you just didn't make it in


Sorry but I don't beg for anyone.
Kindly leave me out.
I have enough to do on Tynker and Scratch and my own Hopscotch projects.


Ok but what did you mean by I don't beg for anyone?


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You forgot what I would do.... I may/may not be able to do it


Oh sorry I'll do it right now but I hope you can help


I heard your good with values Mabye you can do that