Screenshots on mac



Hey Hopscotchers so here's two ways to do screenshots on mac. How to take a screenshot of your whole screen: press command shift 3 to take your whole screen. Take a screenshot of part of your screen: press command shift 4 to take part of your screen, once you do that, move your mouse to the place where you want to start and then drag your mouse to the place where you want to end. let go when you are done. to cancel, don't let go and press esc(Escape). if you want to learn how to take a screenshot on your iPad, heres how to do it.

How to take screenshots

Hi thanks CheekyArcher for this tutorial!

I know it might not be directly related to Hopscotch, but useful if you want to show something on your Mac screen. Like about how to record your iPad screen on your Mac so you can make Hopscotch videos for example, or if you're on the forum on your Mac and want to show someone about using the forum :smiley: so thanks for sharing CheekyArcher!


This is a good tutorial. Just I think that it's not that related to coding sorry. :frowning: