Screenshots of code


How do you make screenshots of your code and projects?
Of course as we all know bears throw :pineapple:


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you are on an iPad, press the home button and the lock screen button at the same time. :wink:


Click the power button and the home button at the same time on Ipad to take a screenshot. :D
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I started hopscotching a few days ago and I am SO glad that I joined the forum, Hopscotch is a big world of fun and confusing!


Press the off button and the home button on your iPad to take a screen shot! Press this button:

Wait for it to load, and then share it!


Really? What's your Hopscotch username? Mine is KawaiiPixie


Off topic but nice keyboard, it's really cute :D


Lol thanks xD {202020}


Mine is Sk8erGirl10, how do I make the entire screen go black AFTER the congratulations text shows?


Okay, here's what you do. Go into you editor, and add a black square. Click add a new rule. Then, on the When's menu, tap when the play button is tapped, set invisabilty 100. Then, go down to control flow, tap check once if, then do this:


Make the the objects go invisible and then put a leave a trail block with the color black, width is 10000, and it moves forward one


Your gonna get a random shape (eg square) set the code When the play button is tapped set inv 100.
When _______ (I don't know the code)
Grow by 2000% set inv 0


Okay thanks! I changed my user picture! Like it?


If this helps:


I want a coding partner, any of you willing to help teach me the ropes?


I could help! :smiley: {2020}


Thank you paydent12


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I drew my picture on hopscotch! I'm not a very good drawer so I prefer to have the computer do it for me!


What is ■■■■■■■■? I just love using emojis!