Screen Rotation Bug


Your username: The Pickle HC

What kind of device are you using?: iPad Air, iPad Pro (both)

1 sentence description of the problem: When I open a project, rotate the iPad, and then close the project, Hopscotch is only shown in a square and either the side or the bottom of the iPad is black, and part of it is cut off.

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Open a project
2. Rotate your iPad
3. Close the project

I expected this to happen:
Hopscotch would show the screen rotated.
But instead this happened:
It rotated, but it cut off part of the screen and made part of it black.
Here’s a sweet screenshot:
I couldn't get a screenshot because the bug didn't happen when I tried to cause it.


This just started happening to me today as well!! Just rotate it and it'll clear up


I figured that out. Has anyone told the Hopscotch Team about this?


Idk… you can try emailing them for a quicker response :wink: