Screen Recorder Apps for videos?


So, as some of you know I don't really have a screen recorder on my iPad and I was wondering if someone would tell me an app that's a screen recorder to use in hopscotch videos. Thanks!


I'm testing one for you right now


Give me a few minutes to test some screen recorders


@InnerSparkle, I couldn't find any free apps that record games and such, also of course, it's a risk to try an app that cost money.....


That's ok it's nice that you tried!


in IOS 9.1 there will be a screen recorder built in and it's called replay kit
So aunt tight it's coming up


At least someone appreciates me in my life... Well, I bet we both have to get back to coding! Right?


I have a app on my iPad called Shou (it's free) and you can download it from the Internet, go to, then go to Apps, then scroll to the very bottom until you find Shou. Good luck!


Thanks! Hopefully it's compatible with IOS 9 or soon!


This is what pops up when I click Shou

There is no trust button


WOW look at that! I wonder why that comes up.....


So sorry it didn't work, I tested some screen recorders but I couldn't find any free apps. And sorry for late reply.


It's ok Apple patched them up but it was for a good reason. It's hard to find free screen recorders these days. The only safe ones are reflectors.


If you have a Mac, you can connect your iPad to the computer with a lightning cable, and use QuickTime!


@InnerSparkle regarding trusting the app developer, I think you can go into Settings>General>Profiles and adjust trust settings.

Like @Gabe_N said, there'll be a feature added where you can record your iPad screen inside Hopscotch :smiley:

I use QuickTime too like @Kiwicute2015 mentioned, but it does require you to connect your iPad to a Mac.


Shou works but here is what you did wrong! Hit cancel and go to settings>general>profiles and hit the profile and click Trust! Then it will work!!!


My friend has recommended me a tool named as Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder and here is the video on how to use it. See whether this video works well for you guys.


try doing a tryal of air server and getting a free screen recorder on your computer thats what I do #webplayer


Trial version only contains 7 days and mine has expired.:expressionless:


If you open the launcher again an select request extended triel Then you will be able to yse it again.