Scratch vs Hopscotch help


`I need to convince my friend to use Hopscotch instead Of scratch how do I get him to.


Alright. 1. This is kind of off topic, expect flags from a lot of people.
2. Hopscotch and Scratch are similar, but good for different things. It's not Hopscotch vs Scratch, it's more lap/desktop vs iPad.


Try showing him the original features on hopscotch, and the great community. Don't force him to play it, though. By doing that he will get a negative opinion of Hopscotch the more you try to force him.


Here are my reasons to play Hopscotch over Scratch:
The games mostly have better graphics due to the fact that it's more unicode and less shaky hand drawing
It's a smaller community so it seems nicer




Scratch and Hopscotch aren't opponents. They are good for their own respective reasons. This is similar to the supposed "Facebook vs Youtube" rivalry. It doesn't exist. Just like you would go to facebook to see the news and what other people think about it, you will go to youtube to be entertained or educated by a content creator. You should be trying to convince your friend to do both, not one over the other.


Yeah ok... :expressionless: