Scratch jr contest!


Hello, Hopscotch! I am making a challenge! It is called the

Scratch jr in hopscotch challenge!

I will have a lot of time cause only 2 days of school!

Let's GBOT!

Post your projects here!
Here is the offical challenge project


Project making contest! Winners get prizes!

Wat :O

I only get the thanksgiving week off.


It's a challenge. Would you like to enter? :3


Darn! I only have regular scratch!

I'm disqualified..


It's fine. You go onto the project and you make the cat do something. Le xd


Don't have scratch ...




Congrats to @TrickyKangaroo for entering first!
His project!


I just entered it's not the best but..


Great job @baconstudios! I hope you are one of the finalists for "best use of clones"


No offense, but why are we doing a scratch challenge on a Hopscotch forum? Lol


Oh, never mind! I get it... sorry!




You should post my project and sorry it was on BaconStudios+ I was responding to fan stuff for pixelart creators


Ok here:


Please do something different than clones! I want everything to be different!