Scratch in hopscotch!



okay, guys, big announcement: I have created a large portion of scratch inside of hopscotch, if lists were a thing, than I would have made about 4/5 of scratch in hopscotch, as I would have used it to create (letter ___ of ___) and other blocks like it, anyway, scratch in hopscotch!!!

oops! forgot to link :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool idea:D @justanerd


But Hopsoctch is scratch


Not exactly, it's a bit different... But pretty close:)


it has a LOT more blocks, most notably lists, point towards, cloud variables, delete clone, and stop, and of course the much larger .math variety, but hopscotch has IPad specific whens, which scratch does not, but the two are block based, which makes them look almost identical to each other