Scrap'd - Put here the ideas of your "projects that you tried to make but you gave up in making it"


Some people, including me, tried to make those projects that didn't work as expected, gave up (and deleted the project), just because we don't know what blocks should we use, or we just have don't time to do it. Well, there are these topics that we create just to get ideas, and sometimes, nobody replies and you don't like some of those idea replies, and I think that there are too many idea topics now.

Now, what I wanna do is to reduce the idea topics (and add more collab topics which is kinda hypocritical). I don't also like that you just reply to one idea request topic, and stealing ideas.

Reply the ideas of the projects that you tried to make but failed to do so somebody can make the project of the same idea and credit you (if you wanted to)! Maybe they will ask you to collab with you to!

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And for those who want other people credit them with the idea but let them use it, just include it in the idea post (that you want other people to credit you if they used it)


Cool topic! :thumbsup:


If you want to see alot of projects i've gave up on, then check my hopscotch account: K1ish


I would like to call this topic "Scrap'd"


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Hello! I have a ton of those projects such as pixel art,trail art cats, and drawing pad... You know some of these might still be in my drafts...


My ideas I gave up on long ago XP:

  • Bumper Cars
  • Beyoncé Pixel Art
  • Make Your Own Logo

I have So much more I may or may not finish just give me about 4 months xP


That's great! Hope someone makes it and credits you!


Yeah, I would love to see it happen! I don't mind much about the credits though :stuck_out_tongue:


This is an awesome idea! There are a lot of project ideas I have given up on... Too many to remember XP


• Mancala
• two sided infinite game that needs the other side to progress: infinite hack and slash on top, point and click puzzle on bottom


I have a ton of drafts I never finished. A lot of them are in my AwesomeJediE account right now (I published them as DRAFTS) and a few others somewhere in my Jedi4Jesus account (but you have to scroll down to find them).

These games had seemed like good ideas at the time but I never finished them :P


In our country, there is a Mancala-like game but only two sides are in it, not four. If my explanation is not clear, search Mancala in Wikipedia, click the article (well I call it an "article") and look at the picture. You can see 4 sides (4 circle sides), well in our country, it's only 2.

Sorry for the off-topic post. Now Getting BOT.


Well, I tried making Reigns, but I soon realized that I didn't know how.


Oh I like that game! Like the one JSE plays?


Umm... Who's JSE?
(I probably know who he is, I'm just forgetting about him)


Awesome topic!! Great idea! I gave up on a lot of projects including:

Pokémon (twice)
Volcano maker
Dog trainer

And so many others XD

I would like to try to make these again some day!





Everything since forever ago XD


Yeah I can remember everything since Big Bang

No, seriously, I remember..... Well...... I know