ScotchHop Team Signup [4 Features]


This is a collab account idk
I just joined it
It is Stepscotch and I so far



Nah, I'll pass. I like working alone.


We don't want u eaither... ur too Solo for us


I'll join
What do I do?
Add me in.


Any artists want to join?


Hey, let a girl join! :joy:

I can join if you want me to.


Uh, I really did not understand that.


Sure! I'm an artist! I'd love to join!


He was talking to someone else


Okay! Got it! I'm going on right now!


Oh. Sorry!
I am so weird, is it because I am a girl???


Um, it's not working. :frowning:


Not really
Im @KVJ 2.0 but they rejected me so I am


Okay? I don't understand! Ummmmm.......


Work on the HS logo I have started. U can see how I did it


Its on Hopscotch
Just log in with the info


Andy made u PHIL
And Im phil 2.go because i'm going places


@DoughnutDog5 i'm taking u up on the "U can tag me for any topic at any time" offer


Okay, got it. Just don't use it to annoy me


Ur word... I can't promise anything, but there r currently no reasons to tag u sooooooo, OK