Scientific Notation is ANNOYING!



How could I get rid of scientific notation in hopscotch? Is there anyway or do I have to wait for the next update?


What do you mean by Scientific Notation?



BTW Hi AHappyCoder!


Umm, I don't think you can get rid of that :confounded:


Welcome to the forums! Almost every single famous person is on the forums! It's awesome, isn't it?! :stuck_out_tongue:

As of now, in one text object, I don't think you can display a value. But, with multiple texts, it's possible. I've seen it before. :wink:


Oh... Ok.... Thanks guys! But still it should be a feature! Let's hope it is! :grin:


Yeah! It would be super useful for cookie clickers! :smiley:


Yeah, I am not sure why it is like some games have scores of 1,000,000, so it doesn't work well for that.





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If we got rid of scientific notations on hopscotch, it would probably crash due to all the zeros.

But, if you need something to happen when X=1e+06, you can still do that! Just copy and paste the text into the category where ____ = ____.


Yeah I've noticed the scientific notation on some projects.


Yes! It can only hold 6(?) digits!
I tried to make a piano-recorder, with recognizing certain notes as numbers, but with the only 6(?) digits there could only be six notes!
So I stopped because like no-one would think a piano that could only record 6(?) notes would be cool.


That social experiment worked.
14% Yes.
13% No.



You can use scientific notation for your advantage. Maybe you can use it on a lock to confuse people. (@SmileyAlyssa did that)


Wait what? Oh, I get it! Yes, it sometimes helps me! :yum:


(I might have been looking in the code of you locked website @SmileyAlyssa, and I might have found the coding partner code. (I did not read it)) anyways, it is about when the numbers in hopscotch do something like this: 1000e. 38