Science fair coding project, ideas and or links?


sorry about that post, I don't know what wrong, but if it offended you in any way I am so sorry. Please forgive, I never wanted to hurt your feelings.


Hi @JumpyJose here is a website for Elementar.y school ideas
here is a website for middle school ideas
and here is a website for high school ideas!
Have fun and I hope you win:grinning::+1:🏻


Thanks for the links and I just hope I bet an A.:blush:


Np @JumpyJose I hope you get an A too tell me if you do and what you picked:+1:🏻


Ohh! I took a quick glance and they're awesome! Thank you so much! The deepest thanks! And I'll tell you for sure! Thanks for the encouragement. I'd give you a hug for my gratitude, but instead I'll give this emoji picture:

      :free:  Free hugs! :free:
      :heartbeat:     :exclamation:
      :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:     :exclamation:



Sorry it got cut off.


It's ok and thank you for the...emoji hugs :joy:??


Are you GabeNelson on hopscotch, or do you have multiple accounts?


I'm am thegabester and I'm also Gabe_N


@JumpyJose, your post was okay :smiley: I think people might have been worried that it was off-topic, but if you're taking about ideas for a project in Hopscotch on science then your post is totally fine. You can change it back and maybe make it a little clearer if you like :smile:


Thanks for the reassuring me, I was really worried. It was my first flagged post/topic, and I was wondering what I did. Thanks again.


It's okay don't worry :smiley:

When someone flags something, it's more of a reminder to check your post and see if it follow the Community Guidelines. You can always edit it to fix it and it'll be okay.

And sometimes flags could be mistaken too, so if your post is following the Community Guidelines then it's fine and the flag might be mistaken. Your post was fine so you can change it back to what it was :smile: