Science club! ⚗️ (We need more puns! Then this will matter!)



How long?

(That was terrible. R.I.P me)


How long what?
How long mass I weight?


OOH!!I love science! But I have so many other project… I will track this topic.


I’m leaving this collab. Bye sorry.


Oh. Okay…


Here’s the two projects we have out:

Released today:

Released a month ago:


@AHappyCoder maybe you could help generate ideas?
Here’s all I have:


Add a few physics equations, like a = Δv / Δt
For calculating acceleration
So my car is has accelerated from 0m/s to 5m/s in 10s

So it’s acceleration is 0.5 ms-²

Or 0.5 metres per second per second


I have a pun!
Anyone know any jokes about sodium? Na


I think I follow…
I have this equation from my science book that I want to do something with
Fco=2v(omega)sin(O with a slash through it)
(Omega)=rate of rotation(7.29* 10^-5)
(O with a slash through it)= lattitude


Lol don’t shove that in my face

I don’t understand that kinda stuff

Basically I’m a 12yr old doing university requirement physics, NCEA

So…I don’t know much
My thinking is to get a head start


I have one word on how to make both equations happen: variables
The one I put is from a highschool book I was required to read.
I’m not trying to shove it in your face.
Honestly, I would have guessed you were older.
I’m 14



Sorry if it was rude



No, you’re fine. I didn’t make it clear enough, so its my bad!


Nah nah
I just haven’t gotten to that kind of stuff yet




I’ve seen that before too…


Lol I forgot what my equation was for :rofl:


I’m working on a chemistry lab in which you will mix certain things to get other things.
Do you have ideas on what the reactants(things that go in) and the products(results) should be?


Ok so, what we have here is a epic copper reaction

An aqueous solution of Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate is mixed with a solution of ammonia

Copper hydroxide precipitates as you add ammonia, until it dissolves again to form a copper complex, Diaqua Tetraammine Copper 2 Dihydroxide

Or something, can’t remember it for obvious reasons lol

I would post a reaction diagram, don’t have access to the reference material


@AHappyCoder @Gobli09 @Yusamac205
Does this look like a good science lab background to you?


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