Science club! ⚗️ (We need more puns! Then this will matter!)



What is the username?


All one word; case doesn’t matter


Ok I am on the account


Hey @Panthera! So I see you’re starting a science club! Would you like to advertise in The Hopscotch News? It’s free of charge, and would give your club some publicity. Just fill out this form if you would like to advertise…

Name of club:

What you want your ad to say:

How many weeks do you want it to be in there:

When you have filled out the form, head over to THIS topic and comment that you filled out the form, and I will be sure to get you ad in the next paper!



The results will certainly have charm in a strange way


Indeed they shall. Indeed they shall.
Know any good science jokes?
I heard all the good ones Argon.


Did you get it lol

We’re gonna smash protons

The results will have charm in a strange way

Get it?


Yeh i mean some more
Yay! Science jokes rock!
Especially geology ones


People shouldn’t interfere with us, it would be destructive


Nice! B.E.C.ause we have good puns?


Ok. That one sucked.


I guess it doesn’t matter that it sucked…


Well it certainly didnt get a good reaction from me


Was it too basic? I’d rate it a 10.


If we jump topic for a moment

Have you tried the double slit experiment?


I don’t think I have. Does it invlve mirrors and light?


Not mirrors

You need a
laser pointer
Card stock

So take the card poke two holes with the pin as close to each other as you can get, now go to a dark place and shine the laser through the two holes

You get a patter like this

From two holes

Imagine the photon is going through the slit

It’s wave function goes through both holes and interfere with itself then it hits the wall and the wave function collapses


I mass admit that was a guess.


I must wave goodbye. I hear my name being called elsewhere.