Sci-Fi Esque Music Wanted!


I'm looking for some sci-fi esque music for a my new game, Asterisk II. It really doesn't matter how long, short, or complex the music is! Thanks!


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Same, I could help you also!


I Can Help You Also!


For sci-fi sounds, I can recommend something that you will probably enjoy, if you haven't tried it yet. I am assuming that the sounds must be produced by Hopscotch alone. If this is the case, I find that I get some very nice effects and tones by a layering technique that is simple to do. You can try it out by doing the following:

1. Create an object, and, when the play button is pressed, instruct the object to clone itself 2 to 10 times.
2. Add a second rule for when the character is tapped. Drop in a "start sound" block, picking any sound you might like to experiment with.

Now, when you run that simple piece of code, you can audition the layered sound effects resulting from ALL of the instances of the object trying to make the sound at the same moment. I get a very robotic "Transformers"-like effect, for example, from layering the coin/cash register sound. There are several others that sound great too. You may be able to incorporate the sounds into your music. :sunglasses:


I tried that when I was experimenting in your 4D4U, but infinite clones, the dots were super laggythough :pensive:🙁


Yeah, that makes sense. Sounds do take CPU cycles. More than seems reasonable, honestly. And "infinite clones"? Yes, even though they self-limit at 512, that sounds like a nightmare.

I should have mentioned that the technique may require tweaks to the regular timing of any attempt to make music, since they can slow everything down. It probably depends on which version of iPad someone has. Mine is among the slowest.


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Ermm, I dunno, I'm busy working on meh project, I guess I could try? Try the World war Z theme song, or just search up alien tune on youtube, idk


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I love the idea @oio and your projects are great. The one problem is there's gonna be plenty of objects on screen just for the game itself, not including the music. I don't want it to get to laggy.
Master @Follow4LikesOfficial IM NOT WORTHY
Thanks so much for your suggestions everyone!


Seriously though, Im not your master, (tables turn) IM not worthy! xD


You're kind to say that, @PressA2Equip. Understood, concerning the lag issue. Totally agree. Lag is the bane of my existence in Hopscotch. Your device is likely to be faster than mine, since I'm on an old iPad2. But still, yes, you may have to stick to single-layer, if you have a really busy game layout.

Looking forward to seeing how your awesome game turns out. Best of luck with it!


This will be an awesome project! Just saying!