School will be interfering with Hopscotch


So yeah on September 6th I will start going to school.
But I am going to a new school where I am probably going to be challenged a little more. I don't know if I'll sing up for after school stuff yet because the first quarter my mom won't allow it. I have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning so I probably won't be on super late at night. Maybe ten o clock. I go to bed at 8:30.
But I'm going to fifth grade, which where I live is considered middle school. I'm excited for school but I won't have a lot of time for hopscotch or the forum during school. So yeah I hope you understand that I won't be on too much because I'll probably be reading a lot as well.
Oh! I'll be doing musically and stuff so my time will be cut even more for Hopscotch :sob::sob:
So yeha just thought you guys should know


Ok, thanks for letting us know fren


Good luck! And I also start school on September 6th


Omg same! But I don't do musiclly


Thanks for informing us friend!


Same for me too. :/

le smol cry ;-;

I hope you have a great school year. :DDD