School starts SOON!(and by that i mean on Thursday!)



Hi gois!

First off,

credit to everyone that did this before meh, and dont tell me to SBYP bc ALMOST EVERYONE HAS DONE DIS!


so on thursday, September something x3 i just know its in 6 days ;-; ill be in 5th grade, almost in middle school, and ill be rlly busy. so PLZ don give me to many notifications PLZ, bc its just annoying sometimes...
But ill still be on HS and HF!


heres the OMTL




First like and reply!


actually, @treefrogstudios was first like, but u were first reply :wink:


Mines on Monday. Are you English?


Thanks for telling us!


no, I'm american, but from NY


Ok .


Good luck in school! I started school a few weeks ago.


G'luck! I started at the late July. So it's been more than a month now.My school exams is next next week


wow you start school late


School started for me 2 weeks ago! Anyways, good luck!
School has not really stopped me from being active.... Because I do my homework at school.
enjoy ressce while you can


We respect your decision. Good luck with school. We hope to see you around.


Good luck in school!




I'm in a the cape, I got 30 notifications. Anyways, have fun at school fren!


Good luck in 5th grade! (5th grade was really fun for me!)
I start school on Tuesday.


thanks! in 5th grade we have prom (graduation actually x3)


Mai school already started…
…6 weeks ago




People have to stop leaving! What's going on?