School + procrastination + stress = Less active!



Sixth grade starts soon for me! I'll be on less.



I have a few requests and some projects I'm working on.
I'm procrastinating and requests may be put off.



@WinningMonkey, I have a few lines left of your request. I'm sorry, I'll finish it soon.

@minioncandy, your request will take the longest, and again, I won't be working on it for this week and possibly next week, because it's the first week of school.

Sry guys. I'm really stressed with the two requests I have to finish, because I have other projects I want to work on, and I again won't be on hopscotch has much.

Lol, this is why I usually don't take requests. I get too stressed.

= Less active

I'm going to be less active and may not finish requests this week, because it's my last week of summer.


Ok, good luck in school!




Last week of summer!? XD

I Know you will do awesome in school!


Thank you!

Im So stressed with request tho lol


Want me to give you another request? XD I wont

Procrastination you're doing it right


I understand. Have fun in school!


Okay have fun in school and good luck!


I hope you can finish those projects quickly. Have fun in school! :grinning:


Cool. Have fun in school.


Are you starting school tomorrow?? Cause I sure am!!


Idk if I am. Still sleeping till 10


Nope, I start in a week and a half!


Ok that's fine with the request
I hope you have fun at school and good luck


Good luck in school! I'm going into 7th grade, I totally feel you. :sweat_smile: