School is starting!



School is starting for a lot of people.... And me as well! Today I went to the school I was going to a thing were I took a tour around the school. I saw 2 people in my bio. Anyways I was wondering will any hopscotchers be less active? I want to know. Im not replace stuff like @Zachyswag's topic or anything like that. You can still make topics. I am just wondering I guess. You can also talk about school and stuff. Like a discussion or something.


I will be less active in 2 weeks when I go back to school ;-;
sixth grade :0000


I'll be less active...
School starts in a few days :0000
I'm going to 7th grade :000


I'm going into 9th grade oh boy what an adventure
To answer the question, yes, I will most likely be very inactive (more than I already am :000 how is that even possible idk)
School for me starts next Monday, but it's just an orientation day, so technically it doesn't start till Tuesday. I might be more active if Hopscotch is on our school iPads, but otherwise.. Wellllll.. I might quit just because I'm not a big fan of coding on my iPhone. Nothing against the THT's hard work, I just don't really like it.


I will have a lot of homework this year!! Expect less activeness from me! (btw, thanks for tagging me!)


Wait wrong thing..... umm nvm xD
or is it?


No. Not school. I'm homeschooled so my mom starts later but :frowning:


Good luck in 6th grade! :slight_smile:
If you ever get lost in your new school you can always ask! :slight_smile:
6th grade is fun, but it's going to be challenging as well!
I'll be less active as well. :frowning:
Have fun in school!

Like that's going to happen. :persevere:
I'll miss the forum so much and hopscotch!
I'll try to be on as much as I can!


I don't start school for a month, in still trying to hang onto summer :stuck_out_tongue:


It's not a new school :D
Where I live 5th grade is the start of middle school, I switched schools last year :D

Thanks so much, @Snoopy! :DDD



I will be less active ;-; school is starting, and I'm doing more sports, more homework, I have to prepare for a test in the winter ;-;


For my school, middle school starts in 4th grade!


Same here! I am going to have so much fun and I might not be on as much



3rd grade is SUPER young to me.



Wow, that's early! For me, middle school starts in 6th grade! XD


I start school in about three weeks, the day after Labor Day.

My friends and I have started a new hashtag whenever we text each other: #savesummer

I'm starting 6th grade, which is the last year of elementary school!


Wow :D that's kewl! @Explorer_

Same! @Kawaii_Lover
But I rlly don't wanna do HW XD


But it's not 3rd grade (did that sound mean? If yes, sorry)



I'll probably only be on on weekends. ;-;