School iPad help!



There is a lot of Hopscotchers with school iPads- including myself! We have a lot of restrictions, but we all are very lucky to have Hopscotch in our own App Store; and accessibility to the forum! It's harder for people with school iPads, we have to use phone emails, we can't watch the videos on our iPad, and it's just more difficult for us. So here, we can get help from fellow school iPads and other people, but since we have different ways, we can do some stuff here!


It's not editable?


(Only if you have nothing :wink:)strong text

  • @SmileyAlyssa

  • @DreamyLemon

  • @RubyStars

  • percyJackson9 die to it will not be on during summer that much
  • @MobCraft (we have YouTube though due to a riot last year)

  • @Rawrbear (the YouTube riot was intense!)

  • @Dude73

  • @MYD right now just using my iPad mini!! But I can't do a ton of stuff on my school iPad!!

-@CrystalPanda(No YouTube!)

  • @Calico2.0

  • @Giraffedolphin26 (we have YouTube for "school porpoises" XD)

  • @RenegadeBird1

  • @danyangjr

  • @GrizTheBear what's a YouTube riot? Hi @GrizTheBear! So last year, my school announced they were banning YouTube (it was the middle of the school year). Lots of people got angry and posted angry comments on the post (it was on this thing called Schoology). Some even protested in our Media Center (which is basically a library) and got punished. But the school was probably thinking that the riot wasn't going to stop, so they gave back YouTube.

  • @LazyLizard they had to ban 2048 because kids were playing it 24/7, but thanks to t1 we don't have that problem!

  • @Paydent12 (I use both my home iPad and school iPad)

  • @Sugarisyummy

  • @Lightningstrike they banned YouTube, we can only use it in school. They also banned a bunch of other stuff, I'm quite surprised the forum wasn't banned.
  • @AwesomeWolf18, Youtube is banned, but im lucky i got a personal iPad so i get to stay on Hopscotch! If i didnt have it i would probably never be on hopscotch again

  • @XiaoMiaoMi We don't have an App Store, we have this thing called a Self Service app. Very annoying. We have youtube, but our web filter is glitchy. No HF. And, I can't look up "analogy", "purple bookshelf", "watermelons", and "analects of Conducius". Very random.
    @Creatorstyle can't watch videos or search on the Internet!
    @ElegantAngelEmily I use Hopscotch on my iPad in school.

@Trendygirl don't have an App Store, has something called Catalog? Can't go on YouTube. Can't go on anything not school related. I'm not meant to be going on the forum. And emailing has been BANNED. Oh and in year 5 and 6 we can take them home.


My school doesn't trust us with iPads XD


lol. This is my first year with school iPads!


I had one for 3 years.


I have a school iPad!


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I have a school iPad but they let us bring it home everyday and over the weekend and the breaks


Ok, @SmileyAlyssa, I will.


This is my 1st year too!


Same I have a school IPad and aree in the same classes with @MobCraft and @Rawrbear.


True fact! :smile:


I got my own iPad to use at school but I don't need my iPad at school anymore


The thing I don't like is the restrictions on websites, app downloading and stuff like that. It is probably for safety though.


Same lol
We only have for PC (project citizen) and only because once the computers stopped working.
But Utube's allowed.


You are officially the most lucky person on Earth


Yes, I am the Illuminati but, we still have restrictions.


Yeah we have YouTube also! But my wifi is bad at my house so it doesn't work very well


We don't have YouTube. :disappointed: