School ipad: crashing


hello hopscotch world i have a problem and here it is: 1st step: click and load the game. 2nd steps: either it crashes and boom home screen or after 2 years(basically) it loads. 3rd and final step: i go off to do personal things or school and that means more crashing. it never lets me on... help! i am using a school iPad and self service is the app store i have and it stinks. HELP! @system what do you use to tag the hopscotch team? tht?


Oh no!! Maybe try emailing the THT at


Just tag them like so: @Liza @Rodrigo @Meg @asha @Montoya @thomas etc


Also you needn't have made a whole new topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Uh oh! Try restarting it, or maybe email THT at!


i tried restarting, and all i got from email was this support message


lol topics are life :wink:


Yeah they are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But duplicate topics clog the forum and make it harder to find the one you want :slight_smile:

But meh


oh............ sorry


It's fine; you're new :thumbsup:


Oh forgot to mention: you have limited replies on your first day so be careful :wink:

When you run out you can go to an earlier post of yours, and edit it with the pencil to say what you want to say :wink:


ok thanks, it says your regular, are you some type of admin?


It's a rank. I have it to. Lots of people do. It's below leader.


OH no! Thanks for letting us know.

What kind of iPad do you have? What version of iOS? What version of Hopscotch?


Hi liza! Could you help w/ a bug on mai art pad? Sometimes, it glitches and destroys mai drawing! Do u know wut is happening??
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