School ipad crashing


hello hopscotch world i have a problem and here it is: 1st step: click and load the game. 2nd steps: either it crashes and boom home screen or after 2 years(basically) it loads. 3rd and final step: i go off to do personal things or school and that means more crashing. it never lets me on... help! i am using a school iPad and self service is the app store i have and it stinks. HELP!


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Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"!


I don't know what that bug is. You can put this topic in #bugs (I can do it for you) and then tell THT that way with the form.
Or you can email them :slight_smile:


I wish I could help. This may be an iPad problem. First, try restarting Hopscotch, updating (if you didn't), or restarting your iPad (hold sleep/wake button). If that doesn't work try reinstalling Hopscotch or asking your technichian.


thanks for the ideas but the first two don't work and i am at home not school, i have 4.6 gigabytes left avalible


I struggle to keep 1GB free :joy:

Maybe just uninstall and reinstall HS. Does it only happen in hs?


i have a school based app store called self service, it is a horrible because it only has educational stuff and it is all boring but it is where i found hopscotch. it only happens on hs :frowning:


Well maybe tag THT here or email them so they see it?


thanks, also that fireman on your profile is cool, how do you get a pic on your profile and how do you make it move?


Fireman? Lol it's a sorcerer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It's a .gif. Just search for the gif you want, and save it. Then:
Go to Preferences, go to your Profile Pic, click Upload and upload it!


Go to Self Service, find HS, and click Reinstall.


i had tried that a dozen times



That's a really bad glitch then... I can't help you here.

Have you told any tech directors at your school? They're much better at this than I ever will be.


Try reinstalling Hopscotch after backing up your drafts to the cloud! :slight_smile:

EDIT: uninstall the app manually, refresh your Self Service apps, and then reonstall Hopscotch! This should work :slight_smile:


thanks for the suggestion, are you the real rawrbear? if you are make more of that bear chooses

how do i "manually" uninstall? is it that hold and press the small black and white x? how do you refresh self service? so many questions


Yeah, I am! :smiley:


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Lol Rarey you got some fans xD


Thanks a lot! :smile: