School = Inactivity


Yeah, the title says it all, starting tommorow I'll be on a LOT less. Sixth grade is starting for me which means more homework than last year. I'd rather focus on school instead of hopscotch, so I'll only be on the forum and Hopscotch if all my homework and school assignments are finished. Sorry for the inactivity! Bai!!!


Ok, good luck at lez school!


Thanks! I hope to get all A's this year.


le tear is shed


Sixth grade... Wow! I'm in 5th have a awesome year in school. I hear 6th grade is a lot of fun!


Well school is mo important anyways


I know but I focus on both equally and a WHOLE bunch other stuff too


Sorry. :(
School is a little more important though. Hopscotch is still my favorite thing to do though! I also need to focus so that I keep my record of straight A's


Focus more on school because school will help you succeed.


Have fun at school! I started school last week.


I hope so! I think it will be


I will! I have a field trip this Friday!


Have fun on the field trip!


Have fun at school :stuck_out_tongue:


I know I do but I also focus on hopscotch

I think we should GBOT


Thanks! The problem is a field trip = More inactivity


Well, I got to go. Bye!


Bye Senpai! Have fun at school and güd luck!


Thank you! Sorry, I didn't see the notification.


Lol 10 days later :0