School Challenge


Welcome! We’re having a new challenge. Do a trail art, pixel art or game about going back to school. Only rules are:

  1. Don’t post a drawing. This is a coding contest.
  2. If you post, call it #BackToSchool and/or post it here.
  3. Entries due on August 23rd.
    HamburgerGirl17 (name changed, XD)


Are there any prizes?


Is the fun of a challenge not prizes enough?


Um… what do you mean?


That is cool! I have made a school trail art recently, but was not for this challenge, it was for another challenge, Can I still post it?


Yes, you can post it. Thanks for asking!


Yes, I forgot to mention them.
First prize gets 50 likes, a follow, and a shoutout on the forum and hopscotch.
Second prize gets 30 likes, a follow, and a shoutout on hopscotch.
Third prize gets 15 likes, a follow and that’s it.
Thanks for asking!


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