School App Store


Somehow, where there are many stories with curse words, isn't restricted on our district's iPads.

And an educational YouTube video is restricted.



Yeah we have apps that have curse words and stuff but we can still use

They only block 14+ so


This is what my school's Self-Service app looks like (with personal information blocked out). I think the interface changes depending on the version, since it looks different than what other people have posted.

Hopscotch was removed from the app list in December, I think, and replaced with Swift Playgrounds.


We've never had Hopscotch. The only coding app we have is Bloxels:Build, Play and share your video game!


We don't even have an App Store on our school iPads


There's actually a restriction so that ITS IMPOSSIBLE 100% to get the App Store. The restriction things expire in 2019 2032 and 2049


Oh interesting! Do you know why it was removed? Is there a teacher or someone I could talk with to understand this better?



This was the email the school sent out:

(Screenshotted when the email was sent, in November)

I can see where they were coming from with the whole "social media" aspect, but I have no idea why they just noticed it, and seeing as there are already so many security measures in place in the app, I don't really see why it would become an issue.


@Liza my Self Service looks like @XiaoMiaoMi's Self Service just with different apps.


Well, first of all, the limits are basically you can't download games or social media. Since a Hopscotch was needed to Ben downloads to make a project, we're allowed to have it. The school App Store doesn't have much on it. All it has is calculators and geography apps. All that stuff. I don't think you can get hopscotch from the school App Store.

Hope this helped!


In our grade, if you're caught gaming on your iPad during school, your App Store gets removed from your iPad. You can't even get educational apps :0

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my school district uses self service, which is like the app store but people moderate it. and on our school ipads hopscotch isn't available because kids were playing in it during class. and if we want to get an app, we see if it's on self service then just download it.

but in elementar.y school we had hopscotch because we used it to learn and we even had a coding club.


So right now I have my own personal devices that I use hopscotch on, but on our school devices they didn't even have a AppStore. It was just preloaded with selected apps.


Did you have a self-service app store or just certain apps available?


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I've got my own iPad :D


We just had certain apps available.


What is available in your App Store? Any apps the school puts on our App Store
Can you download apps to your iPad? How? What (if any) are the limitations? Yes we can download apps to our iPad. You can only download apps in what they call the App Catalog. You can't download any apps from the regular App Store, just the app catalog. The downloading process is just like when you download from the regular App Store.
If you want to get an educational app, what do you? Who do you ask?They are in the App Catslog like I said above. We can just hit a button and then download it. They also have some games too


Also I forget to mention that they currently dont have Hopscotch in our App Store I'm just telling you what our App Store is like. ; )


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