School App Store


Hey guys,

Many of you have shared the headaches of having a school App Store. We want to make finding, updating, and using Hopscotch easier for those of you stuck with this App Store. Can you help us learn more about it?

  1. What is available in your App Store?
  2. Can you download apps to your iPad? How? What (if any) are the limitations?
  3. If you want to get an educational app, what do you? Who do you ask?

If you can share screenshots of what it looks like, that would be super helpful!

Thanks a million!!


I personally don't have a school iPad, but I think this'll help lots of people with one! :D

also first


Sad, in Russia there's no school iPads...


I had a school app store but I dont anymore so......

Umm my brother does but I never see him use hopscotch so


Yes we do

Our App Store isn't a school App Store but the district blocks certain apps/games that are 14 and up


but you can download hopscotch and update it so it does not matter here


Can you post a screenshot?

Can you see still see these apps or do they just not appear?


You can still see the app but you can't download it


Well Hopscotch has been removed for us but before we had an app called "Self Service" the school would push apps out to us so we could download them. We never had the official AppStore.

@Liza I hope this helped a little


Is this Self Service app you had?

Did your iPads not even have the App Store App at all?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Yes, that is the app that we have.
Last year we had the official AppStore but this year we got a different app.


We've always had Self Service.


Can you share a screenshot of what your Self Service App Store looks like?



Well when I was in Elementay School we had a School App Store.

All it had is educational stuff we need in class. Our principal was nice enough to add a gam called "Hopscotch" then later on added a new game which I forgot what it was called.

We could only download what was in the School App Store and some people try to hack (a.k.a me) the system so I could get some games from the original App Store. Unfortunately it didn't work :000.

If I wanted to get an educational app on the App Store I would have emailed our principal and telling why we should get this app in the School App Store.

In middle school, we got our original App Store back.



We can only have apps off self service that pay us to put them on there


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Our school uses the regular AppStore and some apps that are prepaid by the school are on mobile iron.