Schedule for tag groups!

@moderators can you change @EvilCoders to EventTagList And Sub Name: Event Tag List

And set it to request and can I accept people?
Remove image too


@Jay what’s happening?

i don’t think we are allowed to have that

a tag list is a list that is free to join. You can tag a lot of people with that.

They are currently requesting changing their tag list’s name

So they are changing the name of the team?

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we cannot change it, we have to ask to change it

if it’s not clear to you, you can read the OP (original post, or 1st post) of this topic to have more information

Oh boy is that a good thing?

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having a tag list? i’m not sure if i understand

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What do you mean @Jay

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  • EvilCoders is Jye’s tag list name, and they want to change it to EventTagList
  • The sub name is the name you use to tag this list
  • Request mode make that if you wanna join a tag list, you should write why you wanna join. This isn’t allowed to us
  • You can request that your tag list has a picture, and in this case, Jye is asking to remove the picture lol

Ok then that’s clear

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(btw, you can’t tag moderators, even though you can see the group)

Seems a little generic, and like “Devs” it can be confused as an official group, so I’m not 100% sure about this name change

We can’t do that because the membership request generates a PM, and that loophole has been abused in the past to communicate privately between users.

I can do that for you. Are you sure you want me to do this before getting the name change run through the team?


Can you do event tag list and remove image and it’s public or I have invite link and group is closed

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Hey @Awesome_E - sorry to bug you, but can you make a few changed to my TL for me?

Name: @SecretSounds

Picture: Schedule for tag groups! - #1551 by Willowmoon

  1. I haven’t gotten the go from the team to change your tag name, and I already told you why I have to run it through first.

  2. Do you want me to change the picture BEFORE the tag name approval or wait til the name change gets approved/rejected first?

  3. Cannot set it to request – has to be public. Already explained that too.

Give me a few minutes. I have to check something else right now.


Yep - thank you! :blush:


Remove the image and I’ll wait until It can be changed


Alright, I’ve done that for you


Thank you AE