Schedule for tag groups!

Yay thank you so much




@t1_hopscotch Could you make this my description for my tag group?

Welcome to MysteriousCoders! This is my (@0Author-Detective0’s) tag group! I’ll be tagging you guys for updates on my projects, new topics I make, and if I need help. Feel free to come and go as you wish!

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@t1_hopscotch Can you change the pfp color of my tag list (@/StylishEmojis) to #DDF6F7 please? Thanks!

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Oh, and my tag group is called @/MysteriousCoders (forgot to put it in there)

Woah cool

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Can you add this photo to my tag list pfp? (Sorry that I keep tagging u) And can you tell me if the photo won’t fit please? So I can make it smaller:)