Scene variable bug

I was coding in my game piktap. And, I had enough pikmin. Finally, it said I did not have enough pikmin…
I am using iPad
Code boy 2021📱

Here is a picture

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can you give a project link?

Yes I can

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works for me, which object did you tap?

You should fill out the rest of the questions so THT can really look into it.

The strawberry. Also it is the only one that I coded.

If you aren’t sure go to Piktap shop ideas

does it happen every time? because it works just fine for me

Just tap the thing to earn one pikitap and you will be able to buy it. It’s a glitch that happens once in a while and you just have to update the variable in this case earn one more pikitap. This usually happens when you restart the project and don’t update the variable after restarting the project.

I’ll try again…

Hmmm how did it WORK!