Scene cannot get renamed or delete after 6 or 9 scenes

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TheCoder Lol

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I expected this to happen:
Rename the 9th or more scene

But instead this happened:
When on pressing, didn’t show pop up for delete or rename


This sounds like a weird bug for sure. Is it possible that you can publish the project and then post a link to it here so we can check it out and see if we have the same bug? If you don’t want to make the project public, could you tell us what the Hopscotch app version is? You can check that by going to your profile (on the Hopscotch app), tapping on the cog icon in the top right corner, and then “About”.


Thanks a lot for reporting this. It seems like the menu for Renaming / Deleting sometimes appears off the screen or is not aligned:

In this second screenshot, the Rename/Delete menu doesn’t appear for scenes 13-16

Can I ask what iPad/iPhone you are on? And which way the device was? (upright or sideways)


iPad but on a portrait project

Hopscotch 3.49.0
iOS 14.5.1
Player version 2.02

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There, all information


Both rotation


Thanks for helping by providing information about the issue! I see that @/t1_hopscotch replied and acknowledged this issue, which also most likely means that she will forward it to The Hopscotch Team as soon as possible.

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This has been fixed in Version 3.54.1 Official Topic


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